Let’s discuss what are good ways to find a good and cheap garage door repair service?

good ways to find a good and cheap garage door repair service

Repair garage door costs

If your garage door has a defect in one way or another, you will have to repair it as soon as possible. Especially when he no longer closes properly or hangs loose, your home is no longer waterproof and you are very sensitive to burglary. Here you can read what you can do best with which malfunction, what a repair service can do for you and how you can save on the total costs.

What to do with what problems

There are a number of faults on garage doors that often occur. Some of these can be solved by yourself, but for others you will have to call a repair service. Firstly, it is important to see if you still have a warranty on your garage door. If so, you can consult the company that has placed the door. If the defect is covered by the warranty, they will repair it quickly and free of charge. If this is not the case, then a technician must come. It is difficult to say how much the repair costs, this will often have to be requested with a quote. In the table that follows, you can see what to do with what problem.


The kind of faultPossible causeWhat to do
The door makes a lot of noise when you open and close it.The guide rollers are not sufficiently lubricated.You can grease the rolls yourself, does not solve the problem, then turn on a repair service.
The door is no longer straight.This can be a twist in the coupling or the cable drumSwitch on a repair service, this can not be repaired yourself.
The remote control no longer operates the door.The batteries of the remote control are live or there is a problem with the power supply.Replace the batteries, if this has no effect, disconnect the drive and then switch on a repair service.
If you stop the door, the door sinks or rises slightly.Problems with the spring tension.Switch on a repair service, this can not be repaired yourself.


What can a repair service do for you?

Repair services are available especially for garage doors. These are often experienced specialists who are available every day and every hour. After you have found the service, they will come urgently if necessary, otherwise you will make an appointment. First, the problem will be looked at on the spot and this will be rectified immediately if possible. These mechanics often have a lot of tools and parts with them and know which problems occur most. If it can not be rectified immediately because, for example, parts need to be replaced that the technician does not have, they will lock the door as best as possible and solve the fault when the part is delivered.

How can you prevent similar problems in the future?

It is often possible to take out a maintenance contract with a repair service or with the company that has installed your door. The costs of a visit are around € 70. During maintenance, all rolling parts are cleaned and greased. Also worn bearings are replaced and the rest of the door is completely checked. If other parts have to be replaced, this is often included in the contract. It is recommended to repeat this annually. Wooden garage doors require more maintenance, especially the wood itself that will have to be coated once in a while. The price of maintenance is higher for these doors.

What can you do yourself to extend the life of your door?

You can fully inspect and maintain the door once every six months. You do this by lubricating the bearings and shafts. Check whether the door runs smoothly, if you have an electric door, then switch off the operating mechanism. If the door is difficult to open and close, you can adjust the torsos again. It is also wise to clean the door and remove dirt from the running rails. You can also check the lifting cables for cracks and the rubbers for wear. If you find this, it should be replaced. It is very important that you switch off the electricity supply during this work.

Save money on the repair of your garage door

There are a few ways you can keep the cost of repairing your garage door as low as possible.

  • Plan regular maintenance : the best way to save money on the repair is to stay ahead of the problems. Except that you can avoid larger repair amounts, your door will also have a longer life.
  • Choose a repair service in your area : this way you will avoid or minimize the call-out costs.
  • Do it yourself : try to solve the problem yourself to some extent. Do not go too far here, but sometimes a simple cleaning or lubricating the moving parts can do wonders.

Use our comparison tool for collecting quotes

If it is still a defect, consult our comparison tool. You can use this without obligation and free to collect a number of quotes from repair services in your area. A defective garage door is annoying and we can help you to make the repair process as easy as possible. By comparing the quotes that the tool has arranged for you, you can view all your options and make the right decision regarding your repair.