The front door is the business card of your home. And not only that – it provides security for your home and at best reduces energy consumption. So that stays that way in the long term,You should give your front door a cold cure before the cold season. We show you helpful care tips for the front door and windows, which you can do yourself inexpensively and with a little manual skill.

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The right care against weather damage

Just like windows, exterior doors are exposed to permanent loads. Not only the intensive use but also changing weather conditions put the condition of your doors to: Daily opening and closing claims the closing mechanisms and hinges. Rain, wind and sun attack surfaces and cause stains, rust and color changes.If you are selecting a company for this purpose look for Tulip garage door repair san diego yelp first.

After the hot season and before the autumn, front doors should therefore receive special care. They survive cold and precipitation without damage and stay longer as new. Whether wood, plastic or metal – each material requires a separate treatment. We will show you how best to keep the different doors in perfect condition.

Intensive care units for wooden doors

In particular, doors and windows made of wood are subject to a natural aging process. The effects of sun, snow, rain and mechanical stress during use accelerate this process. Therefore, subject your wooden doors at least once, better twice a year of intensive control. Ideally, the care intervals should be carried out in the fall and in the spring.

  • Repair visible and minor damage such as cracks or bruises with the original coating material or filler material. For most specialist companies, this putty, paint or paint in different shades can be obtained.
  • A cleaner and a special care for wood also protect the door from the weather and delay the formation of new cracks through which moisture can penetrate.

Tip from the editor

If the surface of the wood is worn down due to weather conditions, it is recommended to sand the surface with a fine grit paper of 180 to 220 grit. This will remove surface particles. Finally, clean the surface so that it is grease-free and without abrasive residues and paint it evenly with weather-resistant lacquer or glaze in your desired color.

Care ware plastic

Exterior doors and windows made of plastic are popular because of their low care and maintenance. Nevertheless, they should also be subject to at least one inspection each year. As far as the material is concerned, plastic doors are particularly sturdy, so that repair is rarely necessary here. Small scratches and other blemishes can be repaired with a plastic pencil. Stains and light soiling are best removed with a soft, non-abrasive cleaning cloth and commercially available dishwashing detergent. Stubborn dirt can be removed with a special cleaner for plastic and lukewarm water. Chemical and aggressive cleaners are taboo for the care of plastic doors.

Tip from the editor

Avoid dry cleaning plastic doors. This creates unsightly scratches when dirt particles rub on the material. In addition, plastic charges itself statically with dry cleaning, thereby attracting dirt even more.

Also stainless steel and aluminum wants to be maintained

Stainless steel and aluminum are basically an easy-care material. Doors made of these metals can therefore be easily cleaned with water, similar to plastic doors. Do not use chemical cleaners, scouring cream or steel brushes. These can damage the material and thus form a surface for rust and oxidation.

Tip from the editor

For an aluminum door, clear water and commercial dishwashing detergents work best. You can do without special detergents for cleaning.

Do not forget fittings – Even small parts want to be maintained

Modern door fittings are virtually maintenance-free. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile examining them twice a year – in spring and autumn. So make sure your doors stay smooth and close perfectly. The maintenance does not take much time and does not require much craftsmanship: Just drip a small drop of oil on the fittings to be serviced. Alternatively, there is oil in a handy spray bottle, hereby, the oil can be distributed more evenly. The parts should then only be coated with a very thin film of lubricant. Use the lubricating oil sparingly to avoid contamination. Remove excess lubricant with a soft cloth.