The doors provide the security and privacy necessary to enjoy the home environment, in addition to providing any space with a special personality and beauty. This essential element for day to day, requires periodic maintenance to prevent the wood from spoiling quickly.

Tips for the care of the doors

To keep the outer doors in an optimal state , first of all it is convenient to clean them frequently and protect them from external agents.

Gate mending services

Here are some tips to make your doors look like new for much longer.

  1. Scratches and bumps

With the passage of time, it is very easy for wooden doors to deteriorate due to different reasons, such as moving furniture or appliances, pets, etc., and present scratches that are impossible or difficult to repair with cleaning. everyday,  causing unwanted damage.

Tips to hide imperfections in doors

  • To hide  the superficial scratches made on the wood you can use moisturizer . To do this you must mix the cream with soluble coffee and let the paste work all night and then carefully remove it .
  • As an alternative, you can gently apply an equal mixture of olive oil and lemon juice to the wood and gradually remove it with a clean cloth.
  • When it comes to repairing deeper damage, such as blows, you can use a wax bar that is closest to the color of the door. You can find it at any DIY store.
  1. Care and cleaning of doors
  • The door : to start caring for wooden doors, you should clean it as often as the rest of the house. Once the cleaning of the different rooms is finished, you can remove the accumulated dust, but not in any way, but using a microfiber cloth or duster to avoid scratching them. If it is a door with stained glass  you can apply a specific cleaner for the glass  and the rest of the door apply a product intended for it.
  • The framework : another element to keep in mind, when it comes to keeping the door in good condition -especially if it is exterior- is the framework. To remove dirt, it is advisable to use a slightly moistened cloth to avoid unwanted scratches on the wood.