Let’s discuss the latest and most famous garage doors and gates types:

Wooden garage doors: info & prices

Wooden garage doors are an old, but still often seen the phenomenon. Do you have a rustic house or are you looking for a gate that fits your modern architecture? No problem: wooden garage doors suit every type of home. Due to the wide range of wood types, there are many possibilities for variation. Discover here the advantages, prices, and designs of wooden garage doors.

Modern Garage Door And Gates

Pros and cons wooden garage doors

+ Wood is a natural and authentic material with a warm and stylish look that ‘matches’ with wooden window frames and doors.

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Wooden garage doors are durableWood is a fairly strong material that, if it has a varnish or coat of paint, can withstand the weather for a long time.


+ Moreover, a wooden gate is well resistant to noise, water, and wind.


+ Wooden garage doors do not rust.


 These ports need regular maintenance. Sand this natural material on time and stand and provide the gate with a new layer of varnish.


 Wooden garage doors are on the expensive side compared to other materials.


– If you opt for a low-cost solution where the slats are simply glued to the garage door, they can possibly come loose or break off.


Different execution options

You have multiple options for the operation of the wooden gate. You can go for one of the following versions. Choose an automated version or garage door that you manually use:


1) Wing doors (double opening doors)

A wing gate consists of two folding vertical garage doors that open outwards. So you can actually just open them as two separate doors.

Wooden wing gates are especially practical if the construction of the garage is not optimal (eg a bad relationship between the side walls and ceiling / front wall).


2) Bisectional wooden garage doors

A bisectional wooden garage door is a sectional door that consists of two subpanels. These slide perpendicularly under the ceiling. Because the gate does not protrude inside or outside, you save a lot of space.

You can, for example, choose a flat port or a gate with horizontal or vertical slats.


3) Tilt gate

A tilt gate is the most classic and most common version. The gate, which consists of one piece, is horizontally placed against the ceiling.

There are two types of gantry gates: an outward-opening cantilever and a cantilever that stays inside. In the latter case, the gate will not protrude on the driveway. Therefore, more space is needed in the garage.

Wooden garage doors: prices

The price of wooden garage doors depends on a number of factors. The design, size, and type of wood have a decisive influence on the total price.

A garage door based on a cheap type of wood will cost you about 500 to 1000 euros. Prices of gates with qualitative timber are roughly between 1500 and 3000 euros. Furthermore, a (bi) sectional wooden gate costs an average of 500 euros more than an automated tilt gate.

In terms of execution, you also have the choice between a solid garage door or a gate that is only covered with wood. The latter option is usually cheaper.

Modern look or wooden garage doors country style

As mentioned earlier, wooden garage doors fit every architectural style according to the type of wood and finish chosen. For example, go for an oak garage door.

It is important to inform you sufficiently about the qualities of these types of wood. The softer the wood, the faster there can be wear. The gate can be painted in a color according to your wishes so that it fits more with the rest of the house. You can also choose a colorless paint.