We must be aware that thieves are continually lurking, so it will be better to take some dissuasive measures to avoid them. Depending on the possibilities of each person we can do one or the other. For example, if we put an alarm in our home, there is much more chance of the thief going to our neighbor’s house than to ours, but also if we put a sign that we have the alarm, the thief does not know if we have or we do not have the signal, i short buy the best garage parts, check some here: garage door parts san diego.

Before giving you some advice on how to improve your blinds against theft, we will provide you with more on how to protect yourself from burglary and robbery.

Tips to protect your home

  • Lock with a key whenever you leave your house, this simple action prevents us with a simple x-ray or a card opening our house in less than 1 minute.
  • Do not share on social networks when you go on vacation, and you will alert potential thieves.
  • If you have an alarm, connect it and if you do not have it and at this time you can not install it, find some alarm signs and put them well visible, they are very persuasive.
  • Check and update the door locks to optimize the security of your home. Currently, there are high-quality anti-dumping locks and a very affordable price.
  • Avoid thieves watching you, we should not be overwhelmed with this, but it is ideal to change the route when we return from work, make sure that they do not follow you is fundamental and the first way they find us, observe if there are people not known in your neighborhood several consecutive days.
  • I am, or I am not at my house , that is what we should try when we are outside, there are several tools that you can use to turn the lights on and off automatically, so you disorient them, also ask a neighbor to pick up flyers and pamphlets of advertising that they leave in the mailbox.
  • Do not open strangers, compromise your safety and that of yours, try as far as possible accept only services that you have previously asked. Do not stay at home with strangers you have contacted online or by phone.
    Hide documents and valuables so that they can not find it, especially cards, keys, deeds and important papers, etc. This can give us many headaches. Having a secret drawer or a safe is ideal.
    If we already have signs that we have entered, a broken window, noises, or the open door, do not come, call the relevant force’s Police (091) or Civil Guard (062) and of course, never face him.

How to improve my blind for theft

The ideal thing in a home is to install anti-theft screens, its materials are very resistant, and it makes them stand up well to the thrashes and struggles of thieves. You can also improve your current blind by making some changes.

Place stickers of some alarm company next to your blinds, it is one of the most winning formulas against thefts.
Close the shutter down, the slats fit together, and the resistance of our blind is much more excellent than when we have something up.

Install autoblocks so they can not be raised and have to split them.

  • Install bolts for blinds, its variety makes it for all tastes and also affordable to all pockets.
    Install a lock for the blind, is another perfect way to continue to make difficult the entrance to our home, although in this surely need a locksmith.
  • If you have a broken blade, change it urgently, the strength of your blind has diminished noticeably.
  • You may also be interested; How to change the blinds tape without being a professional.

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