Security at home and in business at street level is a constant concern for citizens and companies. Every two minutes there is a robbery in San Diego, which shows the level of seriousness of the problem. To avoid this, one of the critical elements for security, both when you are inside the house, or the business and when it is empty are the security doors. Choosing a suitable door will give you greater security.

Security doors for offices or floors?

To decide which type of door is more interesting, it is necessary to know the powers and flaws of each of them. When it comes to offices in urban blocks or flats, armored doors, and anti-squat armored armoires are the most appropriate, depending on the case.

Armored doors, their weak and strong points

A few years ago armored doors for homes and offices became popular. Still today they have the idea that this type of security doors are impossible to open by criminals or intruders. The truth is that being a stronger gate than usual has some weak points that need to be reinforced.

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It is recommended to have a double shield lock, one of the safest locks for doors of this type safer. It is the way in which the friends of the other people would take longer to be able to access the house. It is estimated that the time needed to open it without a key is between 3 and 4 hours.

The wood inside makes it difficult for intruders to enter, but it does not prevent it. The introduction of levers in the holes of the same can allow it.


They have a low price. If your budget is tiny, it is a good alternative. You can always reinforce it with the installation of security bolts for armored doors.

High-security armored doors for homes and offices

This type of security doors is very safe for apartments, flats, and offices. Your resistance to thieves or intruders is the highest you can find today.


All the characteristics of the armored doors improve the security of the armored doors. Its closing mechanism is stronger; its hinges have reinforcements that prevent the use of saws or levers to break them, their fences and anchors lack vulnerable points.


Its cost is higher than that of the armored doors. This is entirely logical considering the greater protection they offer. Besides, it is mainly due to the use of materials such as steel.

Anti-Okupa doors with high-strength steel

These Anti-Okupas doors offer maximum protection against intruders. They do not need to be disassembled so that the owner can access them, but they are manufactured to be criminal proof. Besides, aesthetically not attract more attention than a door of housing or office to use.


They are constructed of high power steel and a lock 100% safe. They are ideal for empty homes, although in case of need they are easily removable by a professional.

Besides, it can be monitored by the owners from anywhere thanks to an autonomous GSM communication system that, in the case of detecting movement or sound inside the house, sends an automatic alert message. Therefore, we have a significant advantage compared to other possibilities.


It is a recommended door for homes that do not live continuously or for offices that are temporarily in disuse.

Security doors for commercial low and single-family houses

Single-family homes, independent businesses, and commercial basements need other types of security doors. The characteristics of each space and other needs are what will mark what kind of security doors to choose.

In these cases, it is always interesting to choose sheet metal doors with security locks. But not all entries are adaptable to all spaces or cover all requirements.


In these types of spaces, there may be requirements or limitations that recommend the use of a type of security or another type of door. If you have doubts about which one is most suitable for you, we recommend consulting us. We will be happy to help you.

These are two of the most famous types of doors for security for homes and businesses at street level.

Micro-perforated sheet doors for businesses with a showcase

When it comes to security doors for firms in which the shop window or inside the premises are a claim for the potential customer, you can not use any door. In these cases, the doors of the microperforated sheet are an excellent choice. Thus, these allow, without losing security, to see the window.

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Hinged gate doors with microperforated sheet

You can hide the step of the view if you wish, although its microperforated is designed so that you can see from inside to the outside. But from the outside, there is no visibility over the interior. Therefore, they are adequate security doors for residential homes and businesses such as workshops or warehouses.

Steps to choose security doors for homes and businesses take into account your needs.

Check what kind of security doors give a solution to your needs.

Know the characteristics of each type of security doors valid for your home or business and assess which is the most appropriate. Knowing these characteristics of security doors will allow you to make the best choice for your home or business.