All about Genie garage doors and openers

Genie garage doors and openers are the best quality. Genie is a well know company for doors and openers manufacture.

The service

All types of doors can be obtained in manual and electrical operation. You pay at least $200 more for electrical operation, for doors even up to $700. If you have to drive the car in and out of the garage every day, it is very easy when the doors are electric. Even if you are older or have no strength, an electric door is a godsend.

Save costs on the work

Depending on the choices you make, the costs for a new garage door can be quite high. Without compromising on quality, you can read here how you can keep these costs as low as possible.

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Second-hand : it is certainly worth checking out what is on the second-hand market. Sometimes suppliers also have doors that are slightly damaged or have been ordered incorrectly, which they can do less well. Especially wooden doors are very suitable second hand because you can very easily refurbish them. Do not forget this option.

Help : the installation of the doors usually has to be done by a specialist, but you can consult and look with which you can help. This way you save on labor costs. Think of the preparatory work, so that the supplier has enough space for the installation and, if necessary, cleaning up during and after the job.
Quantity discount : you can also ask the neighbors if they are interested in a new garage door. If this is the case, you can offer the job together with the same supplier. Often you can negotiate a discount because you give them more work.

Choose a local supplier : this has a number of advantages. Firstly, you pay no or minimal call-out charges, second you support the local economy and thirdly you have all relevant professional knowledge of the region.
Sell ​​your old door : if your door is not irreparably broken, you can still get a nice amount for your old door. This can make the difference between manual and electrical operation.

Compare quotes from local suppliers

We can help you collect offers from suppliers in your region. By comparing these you can be sure that you have looked at all options in terms of quality, price and service. Our free and no-obligation comparison tool can find these offers for you.You will only need to share your zip code and specifications of the job. Within a short time you will receive a number of offers that you can compare without obligations on the points that are important to you. That way you can easily make the right decision regarding your new garage doors.

Cost of genie garage door opener

If you have a garage then one of the most important elements of the garage is of course the garage door. A garage door can ensure that the room has a different look and can also be approached in a new way (for example, electrically at a distance). There are many types that you can choose from. Currently the sectional doors are very popular. However, you can also opt for a swing door or folding doors. It is also possible to choose an overhead door when it comes to a large garage. Of course it all affects the costs. Read on soon if you want to know the prices of a garage door.

Price structure

May be you would also like to know the price structure of a garage door. As you can see below, the highest costs consist of the material. You can save costs on mainly the labor costs, because these vary considerably per specialist.

Choices that influence prices

A lot of choices can influence the price of a garage door. So you can choose various types of garage doors. Think of a up-and-over door, rolling door, sectional door or a sliding door. Every kind with its own price tag. Think of a steel, plastic or wooden garage door. Every kind again with its own price tag and of course the benefits. Below you will go further into this so that you get a better picture of the pricing. But first, the pros and cons per type of garage door.

Extra cost

You can actually make a garage door as expensive or cheap as you want. There are already options from € 700 for a normal garage door (opens to the front). However, if you want more and also an electric operation, the costs will be higher. In that € 500 euro, no costs are included for placing the door.


cost garage doorIf you want to get in touch with suppliers, it is wise to contact these companies in your region free of obligation. By putting the offer next to each other you can save on the costs you have to make. Moreover, you can clearly see what the possibilities are and then make an informed choice. With our quotation service you come in contact with local suppliers without obligation and therefore do not pay too much for a new garage door.