Spare parts for all types of sectional doors, gives the same brand and model, in Tulip Garage Doors we have spare parts for any regional model, from steel cables, torsion springs, hinges, etc. With its assembly, with the use, the climatic conditions or blows these accessories, wear out, break and spoil, in Tulip garage doors san diego we have the necessary spare parts so that your branch usually works, we fix sectional doors and their components, we install damaged or broken components.

garage door repair san diego

Garage Door Repair Service San Diego

Tulip is all about garage door repair especially if you are in San Diego, we are the best place to get the services from.

Before Contacting To Request A Dock, Please Read This Note:

“Each door has a particular spring, since each entry has a different size, as they can be from different manufacturers, please attach measures of the gate, width X high, standard from the last panel to the lintel, (up to the axis of the door where the dock is), measure the thread of the pier, this is achieved with a gauge. Marking and registration of the door if you have it. These data are necessary to be able to give a price or approximate budget of the docks of the door or any of its components.”

garage door parts san diegoTorsion Springs

The torsion springs are essential components in the installation of your automatic door, are responsible for giving strength to the sectional to go up or down, these galvanized springs to prevent corrosion, perform one of the essential functions in the operation of the sectional door.

Steel Wires

The steel cables of the sectional door join the axis where the torsion spring goes with the sectional door, passes through the support hinge, where the cable is adjusted, and the first wheel of the sectional one is placed, part of below, and hook to the pulley on the top,


We have all the models and brands of hinges for sectional doors, anti-pinch hinges, hinge for adjusting cable support, the parachute for changing cables, lateral and central straps, the security device that immobilizes the door in case of breakage of the steel cable.


The sectional doors are equipped with locks and bolts, for complete security, there is a wide variety of locks, in Tulip Garage Doors we have all the models of latches and locks for your sectional door.


Different handles, from the stem or handle that goes inside the panels of the sectional door, we have all the handles, in case you break your handle in Tulip Garage Doors we send you another new handle in 24H, or we will take it, and we install


Replacement of damaged panels, due to atmospheric conditions and impacts, we change their boards, we have all the colors of the RAL chart, measurements, and thickness, replacement of panels of all brands of sectional doors manufacturers, ask for a budget for the repair of sectional doors.

garage door parts san diegoWindows And Grids

Windows of all types and models of very varied shape, smooth, in diamond, grid, we have different types of windows for your sectional door.


Nylon wheels, for a better sliding of the sectional door, and silent, we offer spare parts for sectional doors.

Other Components

Other components such as guides, screws, anchors, supports and pulleys, everything related to sectional doors, in Tulip Garage Doors we repair sectional doors with accessories or original devices, similar to those that you already have mounted on your garage gate, in case it is old model and not manufactured one of the same characteristics will replace the same accessory.