Whether fire-retardant doors for the boiler room or soundproof doors to the garage: there is a lot to consider when choosing the right side and cellar doors. Depending on the area in which the doors are used, good thermal insulation, fire and sound insulation, as well as burglar resistance, are important. Read about Tulip garage door repair north county san diego.

With thermally insulated cellar doors save heating energy

Steel cellar doors are used between basement and living room, are used as a basement door to the outside or as a transition to the garage. So that no expensive heating energy escapes into the cold basement, basement and living area should be  separated with heat-insulating function doors. Here, for example, the Hörmann MZ Thermo 46 is suitable, which achieves up to 49 percent better thermal insulation than conventional multi-purpose doors.

If the cellar door leads directly outside, sound insulation and burglar resistance are important in addition to thermal insulation. Steel doors like the MZ Thermo or the MZ Thermo 65 protect against noise and are particularly heat-insulating. As cellar doors are one of the burglars most commonly used by intruders, you should also pay attention to anti-burglary features such as the KSI and KSI Thermo Doors.

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