What is the need of garage door panel replacement?

Bad maneuver, mechanism damaged by time … several reasons can prevent the proper functioning of a garage door. In this tip, we take stock of some tips to repair a garage door , whether tilting or sectional. In which cases is it better to renovate it?

Repair a blocked garage door

Any breakdown or blockage of a garage door has a reason! The first step to repair it is to isolate the causes of the malfunction . They can be varied:

  • The motor, if the opening and closing mechanism of the motorized door no longer responds to the controls,
  • The rails, when the blockage occurs during the opening or closing of the door, or if it opens with difficulty,
  • Blades or panels, in case of difficult opening of the garage door,
  • The winding system, in the case of a locked rolling garage door …

Depending on the model, it may be necessary to check several probable causes. In the case of a roll-up garage door, for example, a malfunction can be caused by a bad balancing of the blades or rails, a lock of the winding box, or a failure of the motor!

In many situations, it is better to hire a professional . It is he who can best judge the severity of the breakdown and propose appropriate solutions.

Nevertheless, some types of minor malfunctions can be repaired yourself .

Cleaning the rails in the event of elements preventing the opening of the door,

Check that the parts of the panels or blades in contact with other elements are not damaged (especially for wooden garage doors),
Make sure the casters that drive the panels in the rails are working properly.
Some parts can also be replaced easily . This is the case for a hinge, a cable, a spring or a rail. It is strongly advised to make sure that the piece is identical to the original . The door manufacturer is often able to provide spare parts.

Under what conditions to change a garage door?

The garage door guarantees the insulation and the security of the room … and the house when the garage opens on the house. As for a door or a window, it is essential to make sure of its good state.

Repair solutions are often possible in the case of damaged panels, cables to be replaced or a balancing of the panel/rail assembly. Nevertheless, the replacement of the garage door can be economically more interesting than a repair , while offering better security guarantees.

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