Always buy a new door as soon as the old one is no longer fresh or kicked in? That does not have to be! We will give you valuable tips on how to repair and repair your doors.

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old door repairSeal columns against drafts

There are several ways to seal a door against drafts. The easiest way is to attach sealing strips. These are self-adhesive and are glued all around in the Zargenfalz. Cold air currents on the underside of the door can be prevented by sticking a brush seal to the door leaf. Bottom seals work with magnets or compression springs and are the most installation-friendly seal variants. When the door is closed, both versions close completely tight.

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Repair clamping doors

First of all, you should be sure about the door area in which the problem occurs, which triggers it and how to fix it. If door hinges are present, the door can already be locked by adjusting the door leaf. Often it happens that the paint is too thick and thereby jams the door. In this case, the appropriate place should be sanded off. It is important that immediately afterwards the spot in question is painted thin again with paint, so that the wood can not swell. If all that does not help, the planer has to work! When planing, make sure that you work from the outside in. This prevents a breaking away of the outer edges.

Leaning Doors

If the door leaf should ever hang crookedly in the frame, you can correct the misalignment by turning the door hinge. If a door jams in the upper fold, the door position can be adjusted by turning the hole part out or in on the door leaf.

Lift doors

Sanding a door on the floor is often a sign of wear. Inserting rings or washers in the door hinge eliminates this problem without much effort. Another possibility would be a door lifter or the replacement of the normal bands against so-called lifting straps, which automatically raise the door leaf when opening the door. If a new floor covering is provided, you can not get around by shortening the door panel.

Repair scratches

Superficial damage can be easily repaired with wax putties or retouching pens. At the hardware store, retouching pens are available in all common wood colors. The scratch is covered with the touch-up pen. Finally, a matt or gloss varnish is applied as a protective shield.