Belmont Park San Diego highlights perpetual energy, finish with amusement carts, arcade recreations, excite rides, and the popular Giant Dipper crazy ride—every one of the makings of a great promenade amusement stop.

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The notable Belmont Park San Diego is the city’s solitary beachfront diversion focus, appropriate on Mission Beach, and home to the Giant Dipper – a rollercoaster worked in 1925 that anchored its place on the National Register of Historic Places, making it a San Diego must-see.

With your tickets you’ll get boundless access to every one of the rides and a portion of the recreation center’s most well known attractions (see the full rundown beneath). Belmont Park is an activity pressed, palm tree-lined carnival ideal on the drift—it’s outstanding amongst other spots to splash up those Southern California beams while getting a charge out of the rushing about and diversion of an event congregation!

Your Belmont Park Ticket incorporates:

Your All-Access Combo Pass incorporates boundless rides, laser tag, shake divider, laser labyrinth, sky ropes, smaller than expected golf, and 2 back to back turns on the zip line.

Primary attractions and activities:

Crazy rides, amusement carts, merry go rounds, arcades, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! With your All-Access Combo Pass tickets to Belmont Park, there’s no lack of activities. Mainstream rides and exercises include:

The Giant Dipper: the most well known fascination at Belmont Park, this noteworthy wooden rollercoaster is comprised of 2,500 feet of track and thirteen heart-beating slopes finish with a photo idealize perspective of the sea at the best and is formally a National Historic Landmark!

Shoreline Blaster: a super-exciting four-seater that swings riders 60 feet noticeable all around and 120 degrees in the two bearings while giving you prime sea sees—on the off chance that you can get them!

Control Freak: a one of a kind traveler controlled ride that flips you topsy turvy and all around, again and again.

Krazy Kars: a wild and “krazy” amusement cart ride with a contort!

Vertical Plunge: a drop tower style kiddie-excite ride beyond any doubt to energize your little ones!

Freedom Carousel: a nostalgic amusement stop great for guests everything being equal. Pick a pony and take a turn.

Tilt-a-spin: this turning and moving ride is certain to put your stomach under serious scrutiny as you turn, spin, and whirl away.

Octotron: this napkin like ride impels along a track at a speed you choose while turning as you go.

Speedway: get in the driver’s seat and race around the tracks on this zippy Nascar dashing fascination.

Laser Maze: a Mission Impossible style challenge you’ll need to duck, plunge, and move through deterrents to explore your way through before time runs out.

Smaller than expected Golf: hone your putting aptitudes on this 18-gap course pressed with astonished every step of the way, including a fountain of liquid magma!

Sky Ropes: this outside impediment course requires fixation and ability to explore crosswise over on tight ropes, balance pillars, and different difficulties.

Sky Climb/Rock Wall: put on a tackle and put your abdominal area quality under a magnifying glass on this 30-foot tall shake climbing divider highlighting different courses to the best.

Zip Line: get 2 back to back turns on the recreation center’s zip line and take off over everybody’s heads at high speeds.

… and numerous others! Fulfill your post-ride hunger with some exemplary “footpath” sustenance at any of the recreation center’s eight eating merchants. Also, keep in mind, the recreation center is found appropriate on the shoreline, so make sure to pack or wear any shoreline outfit in the event that you need to make multi day of it.

It would be ideal if you note: stature and weight limitations apply to different rides

Insider tips:

The shops at Belmont Park are an extraordinary place to discover a keepsake, bicycle clothing, shoreline, and surf outfit.

Dress for the climate (and bring sunscreen!) as you’ll be outside for most of the attractions and rides at Belmont Park.

On the off chance that the climate estimate looks risky, call ahead to ensure Belmont Park will be open.

Fun realities:

Belmont Park is San Diego’s solitary beachfront amusement stop

The Giant Dipper vintage wooden thrill ride was worked in 1925 and is authoritatively a National Historic Landmark.

Belmont Park is found ideal on one of the territory’s most dynamic and well known shorelines, Mission Beach.

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