How can I isolate an existing garage door and reduce heat losses and bridges with a garage and a garage door?

  • This page is the report of an optimization of thermal bridges and leaks of a garage and the particulate thermal leakage on a garage door .
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  • The method applies both to older doors (our case with a door twenty years) and the recent one, because although more “isolated”, leakage and thermal bridge are still legions.
  • The method was applied to a tilt door but a sectional garage door automated display might also be optimized using this method.
  • This concerns the internal garages around houses: they are in the basement or the ground floor (our case). indeed; there is little interest in thermally a garage that is neither internally nor attached to optimize a home.
  • This article is condensed in photographs of the thermal optimization of our garage, for further explanation, see the topic forums: thermal leakage of the garage door.
  • More information and ask your question? visit forum isolation and heating

A badly insulated garage (in 90% of cases also in new buildings) or worse leaks (even a majority of the new doors) is therefore in itself an important thermal bridge for the entire house. This is all the more valuable than the internal garages at home that are seldom thermally insulated from the latter.

The methods and solutions for the days to fill and thermal bridges to limit

bottom flange door at the top and bottom of the garage door, window directions the amounts and extruded polystyrene (or expanded) on the lintel and amounts.

The low door, open door

The method is the same for the upper and lower: the tubes are screwed.

Method for hanging down bars : aluminum strips 2 from 3 mmscrewed in the door bottom. It is not very nice when you open it, butmust leave the game “Operation” different it crashes.

For the top, being able we to spend comics. Pay attention on, they are obliged to to break down like the strands.