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Garage Doors – The advantages of our garage doors

A garage door (for example, a garage or business hall) offers many advantages. The doors of De Rooij Garage doors are:

  • Stable
  • Sustainable
  • Safe
  • Noiseless

The garage door repair are well insulated and made of sturdy galvanized steel. The garage doors take up very little space. This way you save a lot of space in your garage.


Economical garage doors

Our garage doors comply with CE standards and are of excellent quality. They are available for absolute bottom prices. You are assured of a perfect price/quality ratio with us. With us you only pay for the product, namely:

  • A garage door that opens and closes without problems
  • A garage door that is easy to operate
  • A garage door with high-quality panels
  • A door from De Rooij Garage doors is weatherproof and lasts for a long time.
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Electric garage door opener

Create your own garage door electrically with our garage door openers! Experience the convenience of opening and closing your garage door with the push of a button! You can install our garage door openers on both up-and-over doors and on sectional garage doors.

The advantages of our garage door opener:

– The drive comes standard with 2 remote controls (suitable for the key ring).

– This drive comes standard with a maintenance-free toothed belt drive with an extremely low noise level. In addition, a great advantage of the toothed belt is that it never needs to be tensioned and therefore maintenance-free.

– The drive is energy efficient with a consumption of only 0.8Watt in standby mode.

– In addition, the drive has LED lighting, which burns for 3 minutes when opening or closing the garage door.

– The engine is equipped with a soft-start and soft-stop which guarantees a longer lifespan of the garage door.

– The engine is equipped with a so-called ‘rolling code’. This makes it impossible to read the code (remotely).

– In addition, the motor is protected with a so-called ‘safety edge’ or ‘obstacle detection’. If something accidentally appears under your door, the door will rise again so that no damage occurs.

– The motor and hand transmitters are easily digitally adjustable

– Easy installation, the drive comes with a comprehensive Dutch manual.

– The motor can be connected directly to the socket.

Drive garage door We have 3 different motors:

1. Motor: 800N, Max 80 kg pulling force
Maximum door size is 8 m2.
Delivered as standard with a  toothed belt drive of 3.30 mtr. and suitable for a door height of max. 2.60 m.

2. Motor: 1000N, Max 100 kg pulling force The maximum dimension of the door is 10 m2. Supplied as standard with a   3.90 m toothed belt drive and suitable for a door height of max. 3.00 m.

3. Motor: 1200N, Max 130 kg pulling force Maximum door size is 12 m2. Delivered as standard with a  toothed belt drive  of 4.30 m and suitable for a max door height of 3.50 m.

Garage door opener / Electric drive garage door :

The Garage door opener is delivered in 2 packages. In the first package is the engine with the 2 remote controls, mounting hardware and the manual.The second package contains the toothed belt drive including various mounting materials.

The engine has various settings:
– Automatic closing with time setting
– Hand transmitter locking option, prevents accidental opening of the garage door
– The power can be adjusted, if the door closes more heavily, this can be adjusted with this setting
– The safety edge can be more sensitive or less sensitive

Automatic garage door opener

The universal garage door opener is easy to install. This is standard delivered with a Dutch manual. With this garage door opener, you are assured of good quality and security. The electric garage door opener is equipped with a soft-start and soft-stop. This guarantees a longer lifespan of the garage door. The motor is easily digitally adjustable. Because of the rolling code with which the engine is equipped, it is impossible to ‘crack’ the code for burglars.

You can order a garage door opener from € 150.00! View the overview of all prices. After your order has been placed you will receive confirmation from us and payment will be made in advance on an invoice.