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A garage door has a major impact on a property, be it residential or commercial. It is one of the largest moving parts of a home. It is something more than just a garage door; it is the second front door of the house. It helps in enhancing the energy efficiency, curb appeal and security of a property. Avoid depending on anyone else but only he experts at Tulip Garage Doors for any kind of requirements in the category of overhead door repair. We are the most popular and leading garage door repair and service companies in the USA. Boasting of highly professional, courteous and experience technicians, our team will repair all kinds of broken openers, doors and springs in the most effective and efficient manner. if you really want to give your abode a good makeover, come to us and avail the highest quality.


We have a team which will handle all your work in san diego, from taking measurements of your damaged doors to the assembly. All you have to do is just sit back and relax. There are hundreds of companies functioning in the region. But all of these services are not created the same. Your research becomes so important because of this reason. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best garage door mending.


At Tulip Garage Doors, we have expert technicians who have the ability of installing new garage doors, accessories and openers for enhancing the value of your property. We offer the most prolific value for all garage-door related services and products and make use of the most trustworthy repair and replacement parts. Contact Tulip Garage Doors today to get a better idea of the installation and repair services that we offer.


We have been proudly serving our clients in California and Los Angeles since our inception and have earned the position of being the number one choice for electric garage door repair in USA.

Garage Door Parts and Maintinence:

We take great pride in our courteous, professional and quick specialists who have the potential and the knowledge needed for repairing and maintaning all kinds of garage door issues any day, anywhere and at any time.

Door Repair and Installation Services:

The technicians working for our company are highly trained in meeting high standards of quality. Avail our services and join the hundreds of satisfied clients that have put their trust in us!

New Garage Soor Installation:

We are into providing garage door and garage door opener services, installation, repairs, sales and even free in-home replacements for garage doors with estimates for the entire California and Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

What Our Clients’ Say About Us?

“I am glad that I hired Tulip Garage Doors for my garage door repair service. They are quick, professional and affordable. The best garage door repair service.”

HARRY SMITH • Latest Client

“Guys you are really doing very good work. I loved the way you conducted the servicing of my garage door. I was amazed at how much effort you have put in to keep me informed of all the activities taken up by sending pictures and videos. Thanks again! Thanks”


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Courteous, Professional and Affordable Rates for All Garage Door Requirements

Garage doors in the United States generally take up one-third of a property’s façade. There are more and more homeowners choosing to use garage entries over the front doors of their homes. It is this recent revelation that has actually made garage doors one of the most significant entry points into homes for the American families. Hence, with a large number of families depending on garage door systems for home access, it makes sense to ensure that these doors open without any failure. Tulip Garage Doors is completely dedicated to offering unmatched quality and wonderful customer services in all garage door installations and repairs that we have faced till date.

The Work Procedure

We are known for providing cheap garage door repair/custom garage doors services. We are always ready to serve all makes and models of garage doors within California and Los Angeles area or anywhere in between. Upon arrival at a property, Tulip Garage Doors technicians inspect the door system and minutely detail the issues and the options for repair of the same. They immediately start working on the system so that it regains its functionality instantly without hampering the entry and the exit of the homeowners. If our clients agree with the repair options that we provide them with, we instantly make adjustments that might be required and start repairing or replacing the broken elements. Prior to leaving the job site, we ensure complete functionality of the garage door system.

We are into repairing and replacing all kinds of broken garage door cables, springs, hinges, rollers, sensors and weather seals. We also have the ability of adjusting current hardware such as springs and tracking for making them operate in the right way. Unexpected complications in garage door systems might not make it easy for homeowners to maintain their busy schedules. Tulip Garage Doors can get your garage door up and running in no time. Make us your last call for the most affordable rates and the best warranties in the business. For us, no repair job is too small or too big!

Tulip Garage Doors is the most trusted and dependable garage door repair and installation services firm. We value all our customers calling us for repairs and installations. We work with the objective of providing our clients with the best possible services within rates that are highly affordable.

Services That We Deal In

Tulip Garage Doors specializes in the field of low cost and fast repair services for issues like garage defective rollers, off-track, damaged panels, bent or damaged track, broken chains or cables, broken torsion springs, defective circuit boards, stripped out gears, broken chain links, broken openers and work, loose, frozen or jammed parts. We are well aware of the fact that it can be quite irritating and frustrating when the garage door is not working the way it should. This prevents you from driving either into or out of the garage when you are required to do so. This might be great inconvenience especially for the busy individuals. The situation might get worse if it is raining or you have something that needs to be unloaded from the vehicle. Give us a call and allow us to assist you with:

  • Replacement of panel sections
  • New garage doors
  • Replacement of broken springs
  • New openers
  • Fixing jumped cables
  • Silencing noisy doors
  • Repairing automatic openers
  • Replacement of wheels and rollers
  • Repair of damaged doors
  • Repair of bent tracks

Professional-Level Commercial Garage Door Repair and Replacement Services- Same Day Solutions

Irrespective of the fact that whether you are into managing a busy manufacturing plant or an extensive loading duck or a minuscule repair store, it is important for you to get low cost garage door repair and installations from professionals. This will ensure that the garaged doors in your commercial undertaking function flawlessly and appear to be aesthetically appealing for years. This is exactly what you can expect from the technicians and the entire staff at Tulip Garage Doors. Our service staff members have several years of skilled expertise in working with different garage door brands. They know the right procedure of fixing and replacing parts starting from cables and rollers to drums, struts and springs.

When we take up commercial garage door repair service calls, we pledge to offer the industry’s leading and best solutions in every way. This also includes:

  • Superior quality components from some of the most popular brands
  • Upfront cost estimations for parts and labor
  • Trained, certified and uniformed technicians
  • 24/7 emergency services without any extra charges
  • Accessible and fully committed customer service 24/7
  • Fully-stocked vehicles for hassle-free and fast repairs

We, at Tulip Garage Doors are fully aware of the importance of commercial garage doors and we take great pride in offering same-day repair services. No matter how small or large the issue might be, with us, you get the guarantee of highest level satisfaction and service!